What I’m loving this season


Photo by Amanda Castle Photography

Even though we’re just barely coming up on spring, I’m already thinking about fall - because that’s when all the invitations I’m designing are happening! PS - if you’re getting married in the fall, let’s chat! Now is the perfect time to get started on your wedding invitations.

I thought I’d share a few elements I’m loving for this year’s fall weddings!

Tone on tone. This is having a big moment with me right now, and I looove it. It’s understated, textural, and totally fresh feeling, and perfect for the warmer tones traditionally associated with a fall or winter wedding.


photo by Mikkel Paige, photo styling by Janet St. Clair

Transparency. Vellum has been having a moment with my clients for a while, and I don’t see it going away any time soon. I love the thought of raising the bar by using colored vellum, or printing patterns or washes on vellum to elevate it. While clear acrylic is still going strong also, I love the thought of playing with opacity by either adding color, or using other materials, like thin cloth, cloudy paper, or even layering inks using processes like screenprinting.


photo by Mikkel Paige, photo styling by Janet St. Clair

Bright colors. I think that many couples are moving away from the classic gold/white/blush look, and moving into more saturated and vibrant colors. I love the thought of combining this with tone on tone and having a super rich, vibrant suite.


photo by Mikkel Paige, photo styling by Janet St. Clair, calligraphy by Judith Browne

Texture. I’ve been getting more requests for handmade paper (which I obviously love), and I can’t wait to explore textural elements even more, from things like acrylic, organic materials, folded paper, laser cutting, and fabrics!

What are you loving right now, visually?

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