Wandering Around... Rome!

Pantheon Rome, Watercolor illustration by One and Only Paper

The Pantheon in Rome, illustrated by me!

I had the best time in Rome. It was our first stop in Italy, and it felt magical to be there - we landed early in the morning, and since we couldn’t sleep, we wandered the city. Thinking back, it feels like a dream, and I can’t wait to go back.

We spent three nights in Rome when we arrived, and one night there before we flew home. I’m definitely no expert on Rome, but I thought I’d share what we did, what we loved, and what we’d do next time.

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Margaret + Spenser’s soft lunar invitation suite


Photo by Mikkel Paige, photo styling by Janet St. Clair

When Margaret and Spenser came to me for their wedding invitations, I knew it was truly going to be a special suite. Spenser proposed to Margaret right after the solar eclipse in 2017. I think that’s honestly the best proposal story I have ever heard - seeing the total eclipse is such an emotional experience, and to become engaged to the love of your life right after? Just like… perfection!

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Addressing ‘but it will just go in the trash’


A picture of trash, according to some people. Photo by Mikkel Paige, photo styling by Janet St. Clair

Kind of a lot of people like to tell me how they love my wedding invitations, but they would never want to pay for something like that because it will just go in the trash. Obviously, that’s a huge bummer for me to hear! I work really hard to create beautiful pieces for my clients, and I’d hate to think of all that time and effort as just garbage.

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What I’m loving this season


Photo by Amanda Castle Photography

Even though we’re just barely coming up on spring, I’m already thinking about fall - because that’s when all the invitations I’m designing are happening! PS - if you’re getting married in the fall, let’s chat! Now is the perfect time to get started on your wedding invitations.

I thought I’d share a few elements I’m loving for this year’s fall weddings!

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