Addressing ‘but it will just go in the trash’


A picture of trash, according to some people. Photo by Mikkel Paige, photo styling by Janet St. Clair

Kind of a lot of people like to tell me how they love my wedding invitations, but they would never want to pay for something like that because it will just go in the trash. Obviously, that’s a huge bummer for me to hear! I work really hard to create beautiful pieces for my clients, and I’d hate to think of all that time and effort as just garbage.


Photo by Mikkel Paige, photo styling by Janet St. Clair

Luckily, I don’t think that’s actually true. Beyond the fact that I’ve heard a lot of stories of people saving my invitations because they think they’re so beautiful (hair flip), I also think we should look at the bigger context of a wedding. It is an event, which means it intrinsically comes with impermanence. You don’t get to keep your venue, the food is consumed, flowers die, makeup gets washed off, dresses are often only worn once, etc. There is really very little you get to actually keep from your wedding.


Probably the only thing the client got to keep in this picture was the table number. Photo by Mikkel Paige.

But you do get to keep your invitations. Not all of them, obviously, but long after the wedding is over, your invitation will still be there. Many people even frame and hang their invitations in their homes! When you work with a custom stationer, you are essentially commissioning an artist to create something just for you. I strive to create heirloom quality pieces that will be treasured for a long time, and long after the wedding itself is a distant memory, you will still be able to hold that invitation in your hand and remember your event.

Maybe reframing your invitation as not only serving an extremely important purpose in inviting your guests to your wedding but also as a keepsake to be treasured after the wedding is over could be helpful to you!

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