Mollyann + Sean’s geometric, floral, watercolor, metallic marble invitation suite

photo by Mikkel Paige , calligraphy by Ocean & Coral Creative

This suite was a special one for me, since I’m friends with Mollyann! Basically everyone in the Raleigh wedding industry knows Mollyann, because she is in the biz with us, running The Stockroom, a beautiful venue here in downtown Raleigh. She has impeccable taste, so I knew she’d have a beautiful wedding, and spoiler alert, I was right!

photo by Mikkel Paige

At first, I was a little worried that maybe I wouldn’t be able to create something special for Mollyann and Sean - they wanted so many different things incorporated into their wedding suite - geometric, floral, watercolor, a hand painted look, and marble. I knew that incorporating everything they wanted into every piece would be a bad idea, so I focused on one or two elements for each piece, and allowed all the pieces to support each other as a full experience.

photo by Mikkel Paige

Mollyann at first was concerned that her invitation card would be too plain, but I think she made the right choice in keeping it the way it is.

photo by Mikkel Paige

It’s important to remember that unlike when you’re looking at a proof on a computer, when a guest is opening their invitation, all of the pieces will play off of each other. It’s okay if there is a quiet moment here or there, and I particularly like to leave the invitation as the quiet moment.

Instead of shouting at you: ‘be excited for this wedding!’ it whispers to you - you have to lean in close to take in all the details.  It can reflect how at the heart of it all, a wedding is just two people making an extraordinary commitment to each other.

photo by Mikkel Paige

We hand painted all of the liners and accommodations cards to give Mollyann the shimmery, loose look she wanted, but my most favorite detail was the marble vellum wrap sealed with a white wax seal to bring it all together.

photo by Mikkel Paige , calligraphy by Quietude Co , florals by Eclectic Sage

Mollyann and Sean’s whole wedding was totally incredible, and if you’re interested in seeing how it all came together, please visit Mikkel Paige’s blog to read all about it!