When should you splurge and when should you save?


Sometimes you have to make tough choices when it comes to your stationery, and it’s hard to know where to splurge and where to save. My goal is that no matter what your budget (within reason, I cannot make 100 amazing invitation sets for $50, try as I might) you will have beautiful invitations that perfectly reflect your event. But what you decide to purchase with your budget can be tricky. Do you need letterpress? Is a wax seal worth the money? As always, I am here to help!


Photo by Three Little Birds Studios, LLC

Specialty printing:

SPLURGE when: You want a very minimal look. Single color letterpress is surprisingly not that much more expensive than digital printing, and it will bring your invitations to a whole new level.

You have your heart set on foil printing. You can’t get the same look or feel unless you’re going with foil, and while that is definitely pricier, we can find other things to cut. If you truly can’t afford foil printing on your invitation, we can always find ways to sneak some gold in, whether it is through foil edging, or getting a smaller piece foil printed (like a belly band!)

You only have one piece you want printed. You can always digitally print additional pieces as well - that’s a way to add the specialty printing without breaking the bank.

It’s within your budget. Specialty printing can make anything so breathtakingly beautiful - it’s a really special touch. If it’s something you can swing, you definitely should.


Photo by Mikkel Paige

SAVE when: You want an invitation with lots of colors and patterns.

You want an invitation with lots of cards. You can certainly get one piece specialty printed, but if you have a smaller budget, and your heart set on an invitation, reply card, accommodations card, custom map, reception card, etc, you will get the most bang for your buck if you digitally print.

You have your heart set on other special details - if you really want to include a wax seal, or calligraphy, or something else that will make you happy but take up a bit of your budget, saving on printing is a great way to have it all.

It’s not in the budget. It’s not worth going into debt for your invitations! We can work with any realistic budget to make something beautiful just for you - if you know in your heart it will be too much of a stretch to go with specialty printing, then by all means you should skip it.


Photo by Mikkel Paige

Reply and return address envelope printing:

SPLURGE when: You don’t have a lot of time, and you want everything to come together quickly. If you don’t have time for DIY, you should get it done professionally - it will pay off in time saved.

SAVE when: You have a lot of time to put your invitation suite together, and you don’t mind doing it yourself. We offer custom stamps at a fraction of the price of having your envelopes printed - it’s a great option for our craftier couples!


Photo by J & J Photography

Custom Maps:

SPLURGE when: You have a lot of out of town guests who would appreciate tips on things to do when they’re in the area!

SAVE when: the majority of your guests are local, and already know all the great spots.


Photo by Mikkel Paige

Ribbon belly band:

SPLURGE when: You have a little extra money left in the budget, and you want to add a fun detail.

SAVE when: you’re maxed out!


Photo by Mikkel Paige

Wax stamper with monogram:

SPLURGE when: you’re obsessed with monograms, and you can see uses for the stamp beyond your invitations (programs, menus, thank you notes, gifts… these are all things your stamper can be used for, by the way)

SAVE when: You like the thought, but don’t want to potentially pay extra postage, or deal with wax stamping everything in your wedding.

Anything I’m missing? Ask away in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer!