My weirdo trick for getting stuff done!

Photo by Mikkel Paige

I do a lot of repetitive tasks for my job - stuffing and sealing invitation, intricate illustrations, hundreds of wax seals… things that take hours and not a lot of brain power. It is super hard for me to stay focused, which means these tasks can take even longer than they already do because of all the breaks I take. Planning a wedding often involves a lot of these repetitive tasks, so I thought I’d share my trick for powering through - it is called watching old episodes of tv shows. You know the show you used to love, and watch every time you come across an old episode on TV? For me, it’s Gilmore Girls. I put on an episode of Gilmore Girls, and it is amazing how long I can sit in the same place, doing the same boring task over and over again.

The secret is not watch something new - it needs to be something you’re familiar enough with that you don’t need to actually be looking at the screen the whole time, but something that doesn’t bore you. Kind of silly, but if you’ve never tried, you should, because it works!

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